SalesForce: How To Share A Report Or Dashboard?

SalesForce: How To Share A Report Or Dashboard?

As eComm has hundreds of users across four campuses, the system, and Advancement, it may be difficult to keep track of and secure the assets of those individuals. To ensure that only the right people have access to the right information, Salesforce has built-in controls for visibility and sharing.


In Salesforce, the visibility of reports and dashboards may be modified at the folder level of the parent folder. At the individual campaign level, Salesforce Campaign permissions are assigned. if you or a user can't access a campaign, report/dashboard folder, check the permissions at the folder level.

A Reports Folder that Can Be Shared

Click on All Folders on the left-hand side of the window.

By scrolling or using the Search all folders option at the top, you may locate your Report Folder.

On the far right of the row containing your Report Folder name, click the carrot.

From the Share menu, choose an option.

Choose Public Groups or Users from the new window that appears and click on Observe Permissions

Afterwards, click Done and you're done!

Shared Dashboard

Go to the Dashboards tab.

Right-click on All Folders and choose Select All Folders.

The Dashboard Folder may be found by scrolling down or using the Search all folders option at the top of the screen.

On the far right of the row containing your Dashboard Folder name, click the carrot.

From the Share menu, choose an option.

Choose Public Groups or Users from the new window that appears and click on Observe Access

After you've clicked Share, click Done.

Salesforce's Importance for Business

As the economic landscape becomes increasingly more cutthroat, forward-thinking companies are realizing the need of putting their consumers at the center of their operations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the most important tool for improving consumer service and enhancing customer experiences (CRM). For CRM strategy and results, Salesforce is the most well-known and powerful technology available.

This platform is clearly created to achieve success in business. By solving a variety of business tasks for the sale, maintenance, analysis, marketing and maintenance of communication with customers, the platform occupies leadership positions.

For example, one of the advantages for business is sharing reports in Salesforce, which users really like.

Salesforce CRM is used by millions of enterprises across the globe to uncover new possibilities, drive marketing campaigns, manage and use customer data, and enhance (internal and external) interactions. Salesforce CRM In the end, it aids them in making better decisions and fostering stronger corporate development.

Business Salesforce Development

Software solutions that come out of the box aren't cutting it for a growing number of businesses. With Salesforce Development, they may build new software and Salesforce services instead of using pre-existing ones.

5 Advantages of Developing Salesforce for Businesses

The following are five advantages of using Salesforce Development Services for your company instead of off-the-shelf software:

#1: Develop programmes that are easy to use.

An experienced Salesforce consulting firm can help you design bespoke applications to fulfil a wide range of business objectives, from process automation and data analytics to innovations, customer support, and increased collaboration. Multi-tenant architecture and expanded integration capabilities allow you to build applications that define your business's success on the platform.

#2: Improve your forecasting and decision-making skills.

In addition to this, Salesforce development services provide still another benefit. As a result, you can maintain track of your company, have an in-depth insight of the industry, and work out how your organization is doing. Useful forecasts may be made with Salesforce development, which provides a comprehensive image of your complete ecosystem and helps you examine your existing performance.

#3: Get a better sense of your rivals' strengths and weaknesses.

You may learn a lot about your industry's rivals by using Salesforce development. A Salesforce consulting service provider may help firms assess and react to customer enquiries, follow up on leads and prospects, and design solutions that match their goals.

#4: Make the most of your resources by custom-building what you need instead of buying it.

Low-code and no-code Salesforce development choices allow you to construct custom solutions rather than using pre-made ones. It's possible for users of various skill levels to turn their app ideas into reality with the help of templates, drag-and-drop/point-and-click tools, customized reports, and integrated analytics.

#5: Make your consumers happy and empower your sales and marketing staff with our number five tip.

A company's sales and marketing skilled efforts might benefit from Salesforce development by creating usable calendars, dashboards, reports, and so on. Companies may better seize opportunities, enhance conversion rates, and complete more sales as a result, all of which lead to increased revenue and profit. It also improves customer relations, allowing them to better service and satisfy their customers.


This is only one of the many benefits that Salesforce development brings to the table. That's why Salesforce development is so important in today's competitive company environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the considerations for securely sharing a report or dashboard in Salesforce?
Considerations include user access permissions, data sensitivity, and the appropriate sharing settings to maintain data confidentiality.

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