How to get security token in SalesForce Lightning?

Why do you need a security token in SalesForce Lightning?

If you are trying to  login on SalesForce account‌  in an  IP address‌  that hasn't been included in the company  IP address‌  trusted range, it will be mandatory to get a security token to be able to login from another location.

Login on SalesForce account

This security procedure will ensure that the  SalesForce platform‌  used by your company cannot be accessed by anybody anywhere - and especially regulate how other people can  use SalesForce‌  from another country.

How to use SalesForce?

Therefore, before going on a business trip, working from your own mobile device, on your personal Internet connection, make sure to get a security token to be able to  login on SalesForce account‌  later!

Reset Your Security Token - Salesforce Help
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How to get security token in SalesForce Lightning? Interface example

See below a full walk-through on how to get security token in  SalesForce Lightning‌  and follow it to get a security token before going on a  business trip‌  or working remote from a  mobile device‌  on a different  IP address‌  than one from your company.

settings > my personal information > reset my security token > reset security token > check email

After having logged on your SalesForce account, locate your user avatar icon on the top right corner.

Click on your avatar, and open the settings right below your username.

In the settings, navigate to my personal information menu, and then open the reset my security token sub menu.

It can also be found using the quick find search bar.

SalesForce get security token option in settings

In the reset my security token option of the SalesForce interface, click on the reset security token button that is clearly visible.

Remember that resetting your SalesForce security token will disable any security token previously used.

The next step will be to check the email that has been used to register that specific SalesForce account.

SalesForce security token received by email

In your emails, you should get within a few minutes a new security token, that can now be used to access your  SalesForce Lightning‌  account remotely from any location outside of your company registered IP address.

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