How to use SalesForce?

The SalesForce platform CRM is a cloud based customer relationship management fully accessed online, from desktop or from mobile phone, through a web interface.

How do you use SalesForce CRM?

The  SalesForce platform   CRM is a cloud based customer relationship management fully accessed online, from desktop or from mobile phone, through a web interface.

In order to be able to use the powerful CRM, you first have to login on SalesForce account, and, if you don't have an account yet, you might first need to  get a SalesForce license   and  add user to the SalesForce account   of your company, in order to give that user access to the company data.

After having setup your licenses and users, you will be able to use the full power of SalesForce CRM: SalesForce Sales Cloud, SalesForce Service Cloud, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, SalesForce Community Cloud, SalesForce Analytics Cloud, SalesForce App Cloud, SalesForce IoT Cloud.

They will offer you access to a huge set of amazing functionalities to manage your customer relationship, starting by using the navigation bar, creating dashboards in SalesForce, managing your SalesForce contacts, exporting data from SalesForce to Excel, creating reports in SalesForce, or creating SalesForce workflow.

See below a few examples of these operations performed in  SalesForce Lightning   interface - it all starts by  login on SalesForce account   after having created an user account, done the  add user to the SalesForce account   procedure, and eventually  reset user password   to gain access.

How to easily change or reset user password with SalesForce password policies?

What is Salesforce?

SalesForce makes easy to use cloud-based business applications that help you stay connected to your customers, prospects, partners, and more. It's the world's number one CRM platform, enabling businesses to sell, service and market like never before.
And it's the customer success platform, helping you to connect to your customers in a whole new way.
With SalesForce Sales Cloud you'll always have the information you need to close deals, collaborate and sell as a team. Manage contacts and track opportunities from first contact to final handshake.
SalesForce Sales Cloud
SalesForce Service Cloud allows you to deliver a world-class customer service experience. Track customer activity across every channel from online, to on the line. Increase agent productivity and resolve issues fast, to keep customers truly satisfied.
SalesForce Service Cloud
With SalesForce Marketing Cloud you can create personalised one-to-one customer journeys and powerful multichannel marketing campaigns that generate leads and drive sales.
SalesForce Marketing Cloud
And with SalesForce Community Cloud you can build vibrant, engaging communities, that help customers, partners and employees help themselves and each other.
SalesForce Community Cloud
Make quicker, smarter decisions with SalesForce Analytics Cloud. Turn big data into a big advantage by uncovering new insights and taking action instantly from any device.
SalesForce Analytics Cloud
With SalesForce App Cloud you can build modern employee and customer facing apps that engage and excite all within a secure trusted and instantly mobile environment.
SalesForce App Cloud
And now with SalesForce IoT cloud you can connect all your data from the Internet of Things to the rest of SalesForce, for better insights and real-time customer actions.
SalesForce IoT Cloud
And because SalesForce is cloud-based, all your information is up-to-date, in real time and available wherever you are. So you can even run your entire business from your phone.
What is Salesforce?

SalesForce interface example usage

Once logged in on your SalesForce account, you will have access to some of the  SalesForce dashboards   that relate to your business. Using the navigation bar, you can select with which module you want to interact: SalesForce accounts, SalesForce contacts, and more.

By clicking on the dotted button, you will access the App Launcher, that organizes the different modules of the  SalesForce platform   by usage.

Each of these applications or modules can also be access from the  navigation bar   of the  SalesForce platform   interface, see below a few example.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamental components new users should familiarize themselves with when starting with Salesforce?
New users should familiarize themselves with the Salesforce dashboard, basic navigation, standard objects like leads and opportunities, and basic customization options.

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