Top 20 Salesforce interview questions and answers

Depending on the job you are applying for, it might be useful to study your SalesForce basics before going on an interview about SalesForce platform, as you will surely get some basic questions that can easily be answered on how to use SalesForce products for your future job.

Top SalesForce interview questions and answers

Depending on the job you are applying for, it might be useful to study your SalesForce basics before going on an interview about SalesForce platform, as you will surely get some basic questions that can easily be answered on how to  use SalesForce   products for your future job.

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Salesforce developer questions and answers

1. Can users and profiles be shared, or is it a one to one relation?

A profile is how much of the application a user can access in the Salesforce platform.

Therefore, profiles are created for several users with the same access level, for example accessing the  SalesForce accounts   and SalesForce contacts, but not the SalesForce workflow.

Each user can only have a single profile assigned to him.

2. What are Governor Limits?

The Governor Limits will define the quantity of data that can be stored for your user in the SalesForce cloud database, to ensure the service continuity.

3. What is a sandbox?

A sandbox simply is an environment that is an exact copy at a given point of time of the running environment.

It will allow developers to access fresh data, and to do all their tests and developments without any risk to contact a customer, or scramble useful data.

4. Can an apex be modified in production?

No, the classes and triggers in apex must be first changed in sandbox, and tested. After successful development, they can be moved to production.

5. What are the attributes of a record name standard field?

A record name standard field be an automatic number, or a text field of maximum eighty characters.

6. Why the Visualforce pages are coming from another domain?

In order to enhance the system security, and avoid scripts coming from other sites, the Visualforce pages are coming from another web domain.

SalesForce marketing Cloud questions and answers

7. Which content can be included in Content Builder?

In order to generate email templates in the Content Builder, you have at your disposal text, image, free form, button, HTML data, and dynamic content.

8. Is it possible for customer to come back in a journey?

Depending on how the journey has been customized in the Journey settings, it can has been set as not allowing the customers to re-enter the journeys, allowing them to re-enter anytime, or to re-enter after exiting.

9. What can you do in Automation Studio?

The Automation Studio allows activities such as send email, SQL query, data extract, and wait activity.

10. What is a publication list?

A publication list contains the email addresses from a particular list, for example newsletters, advertisements or alerts.

Every list has different subscription status for each customer for its specific category.

It matches the opt-ins from the Email Studio that has been accepted or not by the customers.

11. Can Marketing Cloud connect to Sales Cloud or Service Cloud?

Yes, using the Marketing Cloud Connect tool, the data from either  SalesForce Sales Cloud   or  SalesForce Service Cloud   can be synced with the SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Connect
12. Which communication channels are available?

There are four channels of communication with customers available in SalesForce Marketing Cloud: email, MobileConnect for SMS and MMS messages, GroupConnect for messaging apps like Messenger, and MobilePush to send  mobile device   notifications.

SalesForce admin questions and answers

13. Can you delete an user in SalesForce?

No, it is not possible to delete users in SalesForce, but they can be frozen in order to be deactivated.

14. What are profiles?

The profiles are used to select permissions in the application to give to a specific group of users.

Some profiles are standard and were created by SalesForce, while other profiles can be customized.

15. What is a roll-up summary field?

A roll-up summary field shows the result of a function on a set of values from the master data records.

There are several functions available: count the number of records, sum the values, minimum value of the set, or maximum value of the set of data.

16. What are dynamic dashboards?

The dynamic dashboards are used to show specific KPIs of a company, and to offer security for the  SalesForce dashboards   from the main portal.

SalesForce testing interview questions and answers

17. Is it possible to lose data?

Yes, by changing system data such as the current time, or by modifying fields attributes, for example changing a number with decimals to a percentage number.

18. Are isNull and isBlank the same?

No, because isNull is used to test numbers, and isBlank is used to test text fields.

19. What is the difference between a workflow and a trigger?

A workflow is executed automatically, when an action meets a specific set of criteria.

A trigger is executed when records are changed according to given criteria.

20. Are there fields automatically indexed?

Yes, the primary keys, foreign keys, audit date, and the custom fields are indexed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can one best prepare for technical questions in a Salesforce interview?
Preparing for technical questions involves understanding core Salesforce functionalities, staying updated with the latest features, and practicing scenario-based problem-solving.

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