How can I 出口数据 from 销售队伍 to Excel?



Exporting data from 销售队伍 to Excel is pretty simple, once in a report, select the menu arrow > export > Excel format > Export.



Starting with an open report that should be exported to Excel from 销售队伍 Lightning, find the arrow menu on the top right corner of the report, next to the edit option.

Now, in the popup arrow menu, select the export option, which will open the interface that will allow the export from 销售队伍 Lightning to Excel.


Now, there will be two different options for data export from 销售队伍, which are a formatted report, and details only.

Select the option you'd like better, and select the format of the export file, which in our case should be Excel format.xlsx, as we want to open the exported data from 销售队伍 Lightning to Excel spreadsheet.


Do not forget to select the encoding if necessary, especially if you have stored in 销售队伍 some specific local characters, in which case the right file encoding must be selected.




The formatted data will export the report just like it was shown on 销售队伍 Lightning interface, including report header, groupings, and filter details.

The exported data report will hardly be usable for computing, as it contains extra information, and also some 数据格式化 that might be suitable for 销售队伍 only, but not for extra Excel calculations.






 将SalesForce报告导出到Excel‌  is pretty easy in general, as all you have to do to perform a SalesForce导出到Excel is to open a report, find the export arrow, and select an Excel export.

The only real difficult that you will face during the SalesForce导出到Excel is to eventually select the right data that is necessary for your export.

Once the SalesForce导出到Excel has been fully performed, you will be able to play with all the exported data in your spreadsheet editor, but remember that the changes performed in Excel won’t have any impact on the data stored in your SalesForce account.

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